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Project Description

Fibreglass Roof

Here the old 3 layer felt roof was taken up along with boarding. All necessary timber work was then done to existing joists ensure correct falls in roof. The roof area was then insulated where necessary and finished with tongue and groove OSB boarding to achieve a perfectly smooth surface ready for our fibreglass.

Pre made trims where then fixed to the perimeter of the roof and to any necessary detail. Choped strand fibreglass matting was then laid out to the entire roof area and resin rolled through it. Any air voids or bubbles where then worked out using a metal paddle roller. The roof was then left to dry

Once the resin is completely cured, the corner details and joints where sanded and the final coat was readyto be applied in any colour desired. Working around the perimeter, then again filling in the middle the top fillcoat is applied with a roller giving a smooth and clean finish that will protect the fibreglass roof from UV damage and all of the elements.

Project Details

  • Date September 4, 2014
  • Tags Fibreglass
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